Spherical Valves for Tough Applications in the
Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Powder Handling Industries
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Want to solve a troublesome valve installation once-and-for-all?

The Roto-Disc® Company has been making valves, airlocks and diverters for difficult dry and slurry material handling applications since 1984. Our valves are designed specifically for dry material and overcome the natural weaknesses of other valve styles while handling even the most difficult applications. With thousands of successful installations handling hundreds of types of materials, you can trust that Roto-Disc will solve your valve problems.

General Capabilities

• Mechanical & Electro-polishing
• Thermal Regulation with Water-cooling
• Special Flange Drilling
• Large Valve Design
• Valve Repair (retrofit)
• Clean-in-place (CIP)
• Roto-molding
• Throttling/Dribble-feeding


ISO 9001:2008 management system in place.


  Roto-Disc Family of Products


Roto-Disc valve fully open


Roto-Disc valve closing


Roto-Disc valve fully closed

Roto-Disc totally open:
Material falls unobstructed through the inlet opening. Nothing is in the flow stream to cause product bridging, so you get the full flow capacity of the valve. Notice that the sealing surfaces are protected from direct contact with material.


Roto-Disc closing:
As the valve begins to rotate closed, the dome wipes against the seat, cutting off the flow of product and pushing material above or below the valve instead of wedging it between the dome and seat. The design naturally resists abrasive wear and there are no pinch points or places for material to hang-up.


Roto-Disc fully closed:
Closure is clean and the valve is fully seated. The dome and seat form a positive seal that eliminates leakage across the seat. Double O-rings prevent leakage through the stems.


Flange Adaptors

Roto-Disc valve with smooth transition flange adaptorRoto-Disc, Inc. provides a variety of Inlet and Outlet options to fit your connection requirements.

Wedge inlet piece for smooth transition from mating flange ID to valve inlet.

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